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Purchasing a New Home in Rolando, San Diego


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Rolando, San Diego

About Rolando: Rolando is located just 3.1 miles from beautiful Lake Murray and 15 minutes east of downtown San Diego. Rolando is a neighborhood of the Mid-City region of San DiegoCalifornia. Rolando is mostly residential with the exception of El Cajon Boulevard, which features the Campus Plaza shopping center. Rolando is divided by University Avenue into two sections: Rolando Village to the north, and Rolando Park to the south. Decorative public walkways known as "Catwalks" for pedestrians and joggers to travel between neighborhood streets are spread throughout Rolando. Rolando hosts two elementary schools, both part of the San Diego Unified School District: Henry Clay Elementary and Rolando Park Elementary Schools.

Current Single Family Homes For Sale: There are currently 7 detached homes for sale in Rolando.  The average home is 3 bedroom, two bath,  1365 square feet with an average sale price of $630,000.

Lake Murray: Lake Murray is a reservoir in San Diego, California, operated by the City of San Diego's Public Utilities Department. It is located within Mission Trails Regional Park. When full, the reservoir covers 171.1 acres, has a maximum water depth of 95 feet, and a shoreline of 3.2 miles.  There is a wonderful trail that goes around the lake for running, walking, dog walking and biking.

Location: Rolando 15 minutes East of downtown San Diego and 3 miles from Lake Murray.  It is bordered by College area to the North, La Mesa to the East, Oak Park to the West and Lemon Grove to the South.

Hiking/Biking: As mentioned previously Lake Murray is a terrific place to get some shade, enjoy the lake and get some exercise.  Just to the South is the tiny oasis known as Chollas Lake Park. A 16-acre lake for free youth fishing (age 15 and under ONLY); an 8/10-of-a-mile dirt path around the lake for walking, jogging, and bicycling; picnic tables with barbecue grills; children's play equipment; a small basketball court; hiking trails; and a multi-purpose ball field in North Chollas canyon. 

Other Cool Hikes in the Area:

Mission Trails Regional Park.  Directions to Mission Trails from Rolando

Balboa Park: Directions to Balboa Park from Rolando

Morley Field: Directions to Morley Field from Rolando

Local Breweries:

While Rolando does not have any local breweries there are quite a few in close proximity. 13 minutes Southwest is the town of North Park and the beer famous 30th Street. North Park is home to 14 local craft breweries.  Some of my favorites are

Mike Hess Brewing

Modern Times Brewing

Just to the East in the town of La Mesa there are a couple of fun breweries to add to your list as well.

Little Miss Brewing

Helix Brewing

Wine Tasting Rooms: While there are no tasting rooms in Rolando just go 8 minutes to the East to the village of La Mesa!

San Pasqual Winery

La Mesa Wine Works

Rolando Coffee Shops:

Ultreya Coffee

Duet Coffee

and of course....Starbucks

Breakfast Joints in Rolando:

Directions to the Daily Grind Cafe

Sunshine Pancake House

Best Dinner Locations in Rolando:

Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen

Garden Kitchen........Hidden Gem!!!

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